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Next generation forum software

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Lightning Fast

Optimized for speed using technologies such as AngularJS and PostgreSQL.


Designed from the start to work on your phone, tablet or personal computer.

Open Source

Epochtalk is 100% open source and free. Visit the Epochtalk repository to contribute!

# Epochtalk Overview Circle CI Gitter chat

  • Epochtalk is a single page web application created with AngularJS
  • Web/Mobile ready responsive design using Bourbon
  • Code is bundled and loaded as needed, for performance, using Webpack
  • Designed with performance in mind. Epochtalk's backend utilizes Postgres as a database.
  • Customizable Theming (Branding, coloring, fonts, sizes)
  • Fully modular permissions system with roles

Getting started is easy if you have Node.js (LTS) and Yarn installed! Visit the link above to get started developing/deploying Epochtalk!