Current Features Back to Top

These are features that are currently being developed and actively worked on by our core Epochtalk team members.

Current Version 0.4.0
Actively Developing
  • Threads in multiple boards
  • PM restricted to admins/mods only when banned
  • Moderation Log
  • Refactor ACL System
  • Notification System
Future Features Back to Top

These are Epochtalk features that are planned to be implemented in the near future.

Immediate Goals
  • Feature Parity with SMF forums
  • Stable Releases with no regression in features
Long-term Goals
  • Develop Features not found in other Forum
  • Build a complete installation and onboarding process
  • Build a porting system to migrate other forums
Planned Features
Past Features Back to Top

These are features that have already been implemented in previous versions of Epochtalk.

Version 0.3.0
Version 0.2.0
  • Switch to Hapi
  • Auto-link and Auto-date detection in Posts
  • Full support for BBCode tags: color, shadow, glow, size, and list style type
  • Updated NPM dependencies for related projects
  • Quotes in Editor
  • Scroll locking in Editor
  • Image upload in Editor
  • Stabilized Public routes
  • Various Bug Fixes
Version 0.1.0
  • Routes
  • Editor
  • Backend with Express and CouchDB
  • Frontend with Angular and Foundation
  • Operations with Browserify and Grunt
  • Bunyan for logging